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After the line burrowed under the current Hyndland station it re-appeared in a cutting on the approach to Kelvinside station. This area has been extensively built upon and nothing remains of the line but there is still some evidence of the retaining wall of the cutting. However the original Kelvinside station building still exists and was until last year a popular restaurant. After leaving Kelvinside station the line continued north in a tunnel until it curved east to re-emerge under Balcarres Avenue. Shortly the line joined the Dawsholm branch at Bellshaugh Junction before crossing the River Kelvin towards Maryhill Central station.

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A view of what I think would have been the location of the north end of the tunnel coming from underneath Hyndland station.

Looking north this shows the tunnel entrance underneath what was Kelvinside station. The station closed to passengers in 1942.

Another view of the tunnel entrance, behind the vegetation can be seen the line of the stairway to the northbound platform.

The station building showing it's fine Caledonian Railway architecture.

The tunnel exit with Balcarres Avenue immediately above.

The bridge piers which carried the Dawsholm branch across the River Kelvin from Bellshaugh Junction.

The bridgeworks which carried the line over a footpath which still runs between Balcarres Avenue and Kelvindale Road.

Immediately below this fence is the footpath in the above picture.

The branch line to Dawsholm diverged at this point to cross the Kelvin.

Another view showing the general arrangement of Bellshaugh Junction looking west. The neatly kept grounds are the garden environment of a modern apartment development called Bellshaugh Gardens!

In the same area and remarkably still standing, the remains of a telegraph pole which would have been on the lineside, looking towards Maryhill.


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