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The Stobcross to Maryhill section of the Glasgow Central Railway left it's junction with the Lanarkshire & Dunbartonshire Railway just west of Stobcross station. Turning north in a tunnel from Stobcross the next station was at Kelvin Bridge on Great Western Road. From there the line continued west in a tunnel under Great Western Road until Botanic Gardens Station was reached where the line again veered north through Kirklee. After the triangular junction with the Lanarkshire & Dunbartonshire Railway branch from Partick West the line crossed the River Kelvin to arrive at Maryhill Central station before continuing to Possil.

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The tunnel exit of the line from Stobcross

Another view as above but including the bridge which carries Gibson Street over the River Kelvin which runs to the right of the picture.

The line followed the Kelvin across what is now a small public open space and car park between Gibson Street and Great Western Road. This area also contained a rail served coal depot. This view shows the entrance to the tunnel under Great Western Road which took the line towards Botanic Gardens station.

At the Great Western Road end lay Kelvin Bridge station which the line entered on a bridge over the Kelvin. This general view shows where presumably Kelvin Bridge station stood. The tunnel entrance under Great Western Road can be glimpsed to the left of the tree in the foreground.

From the bridge over the Kelvin on Great Western Road another view of what was presumably the station area. The red sandstone building is Caledonian Mansions with it's Caledonian Railway Coat of Arms visible to the right of the white doorway.

The line continued west in a tunnel under Great Western Road until it reached Botanic Gardens station. This view is taken looking down from the park through the ventilation space to the platform level below.

The information sign at the site of the station.

The line, still in a tunnel, then veered sharply north under the Botanic Gardens to exit just before reaching Kirklee Station. This view shows the tunnel exit underneath the Botanic Gardens.

 This view is of the remains of Kirklee station looking north along the original track bed.

Another view at Kirklee station showing the remains of both platforms taken looking south towards the Botanic Gardens.

Hard to imagine but only a couple of hundred yards from here was Maryhill Central station. A view looking towards Maryhill along the old track bed at Maryhill Junction.

Both the Glasgow Central Railway and the Lanarkshire & Dunbartonshire Railway used separate bridges to cross the River Kelvin before meeting at Maryhill Junction. Surprisingly both bridge structures are still in place. This view shows the bridge deck of the L. & D. line which went to Partick West station, taken from Maryhill Junction.

Another view of the L. & D. bridge which carried the line towards Partick West. Underneath the first span can be seen a bridge pier for the G. C. line to Kirklee.

A view of the G. C. bridge which carried the line across the River Kelvin towards Kirklee.

This view taken from the car parking area at the Kirklee Gardens development shows the original location of the G. C. line from Maryhill after it crossed the Kelvin on it's way to Kirklee.

Follow this link to Google Maps to get an aerial view of Maryhill Junction, the bridges over the Kelvin and how the tracks have been built over.,-4.293203&daddr=&hl=en&geocode=&mra=mi&mrsp=0&sz=18&sll=55.885072,-4.292897&sspn=0.00133,0.005472&ie=UTF8&t=k&ll=55.884699,-4.293058&spn=0.00133,0.005472&z=18

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